Monday, April 16, 2012

Haha you wore my clothes :) Well I'm glad they can be there for you when you're missing me. For exercise we sometimes go for little runs outside, sometimes we just walk, and sometimes we just stretch and do crunches in the apartment... Way to go Dad! Running a whole mile! I bet he's sore!

We get to go to RS in the 3rd ward, but not in 2nd because that's during 3rd ward's Sacrament meeting. I can't believe our ward has 7 recent converts! How many converts did we ever have my whole time growing up in that ward? Like, NONE? That's awesome and amazing and wonderful.

Our "Walk with Christ" was on Good Friday, and they had about 6 different rooms set up with either "live" scenes or videos playing (with a narrator in every room) to share testimony of who Chirst was, or to depict scenes from his death on the cross and resurrection and then it ended with Him visiting the Americas. It was pretty cool.

Happy Birthday Sheeshee! I hope you have a wonderful fabulous day!

This week I got sick again. So far it's just a cold, but a few of the signs/symptoms from when I got SUPER sick have started coming back, bit by bit. I'm trying to take care of myself and take it easy so that it doesn't end up like last time. We'll see what happens and I'll keep you posted. A funny thing did come of this though. For a couple of days, but throat was so raw (like when I got my tonsils out) that I couldn't/didn't have any desire to speak at all. So for two and half days Sister Carlton and I communicated by limited sign language skills and writing things down when it was too complicated to sign. She was awesome and took over teaching a couple of lessons all by herself. So one day, we had to go to the Sprint store to see if they could fix our phone, because it is having some major issues right now - we like to say it's possessed because it is seriously wacky. Anyway, we went into the store and I just kind of hung back while Sister Carlton did all the talking. As we waited though, I came up by her and I had a few things I wanted to tell her, so I wrote it down on. The girl working noticed my lack of vocal communication, and drawing conclusions from the name tag I wear asked, "Did you take a vow a silence?" Hahahaha! It was awesome. We explained that I had just lost my voice, and she was afraid she had offended us, but we weren't upset at all. We just thought it was hilarious.

For our Stake Conference on May 5 & 6 Elder Dallin H. Oaks will be coming to preside. AWESOMENESS! Super excited about that. Hopefully we can get some investigators there!

And speaking of investigators: We had a really great lesson with Rick this week. We had planned on teaching him the Plan of Salvation, but then when we were following up on how he liked church, he had some questions about the Priesthood, and when the member with us mentioned one of the differences between Aaronic and Melchezidek being that one could baptize and one could confirm, he ask what being confirmed was which then led into a really awesome discussion about the Holy Ghost. It was super cool and the Spirit was definitely there. We asked him if that constant companionship of the Holy Ghost was something that he would want and he said it was, and that he thought it would really help. Then we explained that that is why we invited him to be baptized, because we wanted him to be able to have that as well. This week he is going to pray on his knees at least once a day and ask about baptism and the Holy Ghost and if that really is something that he can have and needs to do in his life. We are excited!

Agnes, the sweet Sister that we visited in the hospital last week, passed away on Saturday. Her daughter visited our ward on Sunday and thanked us for going to visit her. We are both so grateful that we had the opportunity to meet her. Her funeral is on Saturday and perhaps Dean, the man we met while sharing the Easter message on the driveway will be there. I am happy to know that she is now at rest from all her pain and no longer has to suffer.

We have been having some CRAZY thunder storms the past few days. The only problem is, they have only been happening at night - as in the middle of the night - so I don't really get to enjoy them, and then they just end up waking me up periodically throughout the night because the thunder is so loud and the lightening is so bright. But oh well! I can sleep well another night... Maybe not until I'm done with my mission... but another night nonetheless :)

Saturday's Miracle: We went tracting in the neighborhood just south of our apartment complex, so instead of driving, we decided just to walk there. We worked on a street called Applegate and we met some nice people, and a few not so nice. Overall, it was a good and successful morning. Then it was time for lunch, so we started to walk back. As we were walking by this field close to home, we crossed paths with an older lady walking her dog. We ended up talking to her for about 25 minutes and she said she was currently in a "state of transition" religiously. She said she would be interested if she could ever make the time to sit down with us and learn more of our message. So we gave her our number, and then asked for her number and address. She lives on Applegate. I guess we were going to find her one way or another! It's amazing how the Lord leads us to those that He has been preparing.

I love you all very much! I miss you!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the pictures Dad!

Oh! And last night we got a text from Brittaini saying that she was going to quit smoking once and for all! She asked for our prayers, saying that she was going to go cold turkey and that she had just thrown out her last pack of cigarettes, but that she knew with the Lord's help she could do it. We promised her on Saturday that if she read from the Book of Mormon every day she would have greater power to resist temptation and now she's acting on it! What a show of faith. She decided to do this all on her own, and we are just happy to be a part of all these wonderful changes she is making in her life.

Sister Ali

The pictures are from our lesson with Andrew (the one from the less active family getting baptized on the 27th). We talked about Nephi building the boat and then we made our own :)

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