Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 26, 2011

Dearest Family of Mine,
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful pictures from the girls!!  They are sitting on my desk so that I can see them all the time :)  It sounds like everyone had/is having fun in Minnesota!  That picture of Jack and Norah is so cute!  Something I forgot to say in my last letter, despite my note to remind myself, was to say Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Danny!!  I really did remember.  I promise.  I thought about you on Sunday and Monday respectively. 
This is going to be really jumbled, but so that I don't miss anything THIS week, I'm just going to start at the top of my list and then work down from there.
My feelings on tracting (as I explained it to a member after my first few days):  It's kind of like I'm in a dream.  And because I am in this dream-like state, I really have no inhibitions.  It's great!  Though now that I kind of have a better feel for where I am and what is really going on, some inhibitions have begun to creep in, but I'm working on keeping them out.  Sometimes we tract in the freezing cold and the rain, and then other days it is beautiful and sunny out.  Mother nature cannot make up her mind.  I'm really okay with that though, becuase I wasn't expecting to have any more nice days.  So if she wants to go ahead and be indecisive for awhile yet, that's just fine with me!
Last week I bought my winter coat!  Or coats rather...  It has been discovered that that lovely raincoat we bought will not be sufficient for the time between now and deep winter when I will need a full body armor coat to keep out the wind and cold.  So we went to Burlington (Goodwill didn't have any coats) and I got a nice wool coat for the transition period and then a super intense, down filled, goes to my ankles almost, has fur on the hood "deep-winter" coat.  I also got some thicker tights (ps sweater tights are AMAZING!), leggings, long socks, and some thermals.  Just in case you were wondering what all those charges that will soon be appearing on my credit card statement were about...  Sister Brown has assured me that all of these things are a necessity.  I am still looking for boots.  I am trying my best to find good prices, but it's hard right now because no winter stuff is on sale, and I can't afford to wait until it is.
Have you ever heard the 7 promises of making a serious study of the Book of Mormon by Marion G. Romney as quoted by President Benson?  You should look it up.  They are SUPER cool.  We've been sharing it with a lot of families.  We haven't been giving them copies of the October Ensign though.  I'll talk to Sister Brown about how we can get some copies.  That sounds like a cool idea.
Daddy - I need something from you very desperately.  You know all those notes you wrote?  Well I have them all in a pile on my dresser, but one of them I kept in my coat pocket where I found it.  It was on a little blue piece of paper and I "laminated" it with packing tape so that it would last longer.  But somehow on Thursday it must have fallen out.  Because I no longer have it.  It was the note that said "FEAR NOT".  Will you please send me another one??  It gave me strength every time I put my hand in my pocket, but now it isn't there.  I would very much like it back.  On a less urgent note, but still important, I also lost one that said something like "Ali, make sure to sing today" from you, also on blue paper.  Could you please re-create those for me?  So that I still have them all?
We have a Hindu temple here.
The Fall is beautiful here!!!!  And thank you SO much for the fall decorations Momma!  It made me so happy when I saw them in the package!  
Have I mentioned that I am longer than my bed?  Because I am...
Have you ever heard of a movie called "Night of the Twisters"?  Apparently it's a true story and a less active man in our ward we visited the other night is from the area that it takes place in...
We had an awesome thunder storm last night with crazy lightening.  It was super cool.
We are teaching a man named Don Carson right now and he is so cool!!  I will have to tell you more about him next week because Sister Brown is already done and I think she wants to go soon...
Your questions:  We live in an apartment.  It's not bad.  My bed is super ghetto though.  My extremely thin and weak mattress is resting on a frame and two box springs (why there are two I cannot tell for the life of me) which are both falling apart.  It's pretty funny.  We eat with members A LOT which is really awesome.  It surprises me how many less active members invite us over for meals too, but that is always really cool when they do.   We do get one copy of the Ensign, but Sister Brown said that it usually come pretty late to us.  I want to get my own copy of the conference issue though at least.  I suppose I see the issue with sending the jam...  I'll just have to do without I suppose :( 
I'm so glad those Sisters were able to see Deb and Dan!!  yay!
Well I can tell Sister Brown is getting impatient, so I'll say goodbye for now.  Oh!  She's from Washington, but her family moved to Salt Lake her senior year of high school.  She will be 27 next week.  
I love you all SOOOOOOOOOO Much! 
Sister Hatch

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