Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Greetings from Land of Springtime!!

Dearest Familia,

I'm in Heaven. Weather-wise that is. It is BEAUTIFUL here! And warm enough to not wear a coat. I feel so free! It's supposed to get up to 70 this week and I hope it happens on Thursday because Heavenly Father knows all I ever really want for my birthday is for it to be warm and sunny.

I got your letters with the talk and the birthday package. Thank you so much. The letters and the talk were perfect and just what I needed. I am so grateful to have parents who know me so well and know just what I need when I need it. Thank you for being close to the Spirit so that you could know just what to say. I've been feeling pretty good this week, and Sister Doll, the mission doctor, and my doctor have all said that I should just work as I can and not to feel bad if I can't. I'm grateful that this week I was able to work. Saturday morning was rough though, I'll admit. Sister Sorensen was getting a cold, and to save her voice so that we could still sing in church yesterday, she wasn't really talking and would just sign to me until I figured out what she was saying.

I started out feeling fine, but by the time I was done with my shower and ready for the day, I was suddenly exhausted and not feeling well. This was not good in combination with Sister Sorensen not feeling well, but we went out and did a few stop by's anyway. Then we came home for lunch and she fell right asleep. I made a quesadilla and then I re-read your letters (they came on Friday) and then read through the talk because I hadn't had time to read it before. Then I laid down for a bit, and when Sister Sorensen woke up we headed back out, and despite neither of us feeling well, we pushed through it and worked anyway. And little by little, her voice started coming back, and I ended up feeling great by the end of it all. She was still a little sick, but my energy came back pretty well. I am grateful that we pushed through and were able to have a good day. We found a potential new investigator (PNI) who we'll be meeting with on Wednesday and met another really neat lady who might come to church some time with her friend who is also not a member. And we were able to set up an appointment with a less active family that we stopped at.

So quickly about my health: The last blood tests show that my TSH and the liver stuff is still off, but slightly improved. When I went on Friday they only took 2 tubes of blood this time! And we'll know in the next day or two what to make of everything. There is a cool story though that goes with my hospital visit on Friday. Sister Sorensen kept joking that we had to keep going back to get more tests because we hadn't met the right person yet - because every time we go, she pulls out her Book of Mormon, or the Ensign, in hopes that someone will ask her questions, but no one ever does. So when we found out we had to go back a THIRD time, she said, "well 3rd time's a charm, right?" A lady came in to the waiting room a little after us, but she was watching the TV so we didn't really talk much. Then they called me in. One of the phlebotomists was the one who did it last time, so we started talking, and then out of nowhere she asked me if our church still had the Family History Center. Yes, they do! I responded and then both of them started talking about how they need to get more into that. I told them to visit familysearchindexing.org and if I wasn't remembering that website correctly, mormon.org would at least have a link to it. So hopefully they actually visit the website! Then they were done and as I was walking out, the lady from the waiting room was being called in. I noticed that she had a really cute scarf, so I told her I thought it was cute.

She then took it off her neck, and handed it to me! Saying, "well here, take it." I tried to tell her that was alright, but she insisted I keep it. It was so nice of her!!!!! I meant to take a picture, but I forgot... Anyway, Sister Sorensen told me as we were walking out, that she had ended up talking to the lady about the Priesthood while I was in there. ! She had commented that I was too young to be sick and having all these health problems, and then they started talking about prayer and how that helps, and then S. Sorensen told her a little about the Priesthood and how that is something that really helps us too.

So third time really was a charm :)

Congratulations to Orchid!! That is very exciting.

Dad forwarded me an email from Deb & Dan just before I left Woodridge and I printed it out and gave a copy to Don and Rose, and they really enjoyed it. Rose had been wondering about being able to let go of her old traditions from her Catholic school days, and some of the things Uncle Dan wrote really made me think of her. So will you thank them for helping my missionary efforts through their missionary efforts when you see them? And tell them that I love them.

Sheeshee - there is a little girl in our ward named Norah, and she looks a lot like you did (according to pictures I've seen) when you were little. She's about 2, so she's about as big as your Norah will be when I get home. Weird! She's super cute though, and it makes me excited to meet her and know her when she's so big.

One of our members (the ones that asked us to sing in church - which went okay by the way) made us these tasty honey-lime enchiladas for dinner and told us that she got the recipe from her cousin's blog which actually has become so popular now that she made into a url address. I thought you might like to see explore it and see if there is anything you like because she said her cousin makes really good food. It's : melskitchencafe.com

I don't know if I've told you about Marsha or not, but she's awesome. She lives sandwiched between two members who have been working on her for a while. She grew up with a really strong religious background and has taught her girls to pray and all that. She has an amazing testimony of Jesus Christ, and last week we found out that she already knows the Book of Mormon is true! We invited her to be baptized when she comes to know that these things are true, and she said, "Well I already know it's true. And that Joseph Smith was a prophet." So she said she would be baptized, we just haven't set a date yet. And we are working on getting her to church, but this weekend her little girl, Madison, got sick so she couldn't come. She DID say the prayer though at the end of our lesson, which was HUGE! She has never been willing before (it's the out loud part that scares her, not the concept of praying) and she finally said it!

I love you very very much! I'm looking forward to opening my birthday package on Thursday :)

hugs and kisses to everyone!
Sister Hatch

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