Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Idaho for my Birthday:)

Thank you Alicia for that ADORABLE picture of Norah!!!! I took a picture of the picture just so I could have it on hand at all times to show people how awesome my family is.

Oh Mom! I got a letter from Sister Hopkins a couple weeks ago, and I haven't been able to write her back yet. Will you tell her that I got it though? It was so fun to get such an unexpected letter! She's cute.

My birthday started off with Sister Sorensen making me banana pancakes. We had strawberries and whipped cream on top and they were delicious. While we ate I opened your package and it was so fun!!!!!! I laughed at how well you know me with all the perfect things you sent. Like the almonds. And Reeses. And Harry Potter bag. And those organic things are actually pretty good! The bunny crackers taste like Dunkaroos! All I need is some frosting...

Then we headed off to Zone Conference in Joliet and it was really good. It was so fun to see everyone. All the Senior couples were there and knew it was my birthday and they were all so cute and nice to me. It was fun. The best part - and this is truly a miracle and Heavenly Father at work - was that the ward that was serving lunch was the Woodridge 2nd ward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was incredible. Sister Anderson and Sister Phillips (the R.S. Pres) were there and several other women that I knew well. It was perfect. And then they all got to come in and sit at the back of the chapel for our musical number, which was really nice.

We ended up singing the same song we did in church last week which was a really pretty arrangement of "I Know that My Redeemer Lives". It went really well. This is also a true miracle, because we gave Elder Harmon (our district leader) the music for it the day before. We were going to do another song, but it just wasn't working out. So we changed, and he was willing to do it, because it was my birthday :) He did AMAZING and I know the Lord answered our prayers to help learn it so well so fast.

Don and Rose also sent a present with Sister Stewart and Sister McCluskey and that was really fun too. They are funny.

We had dinner that night with the Brown family and they were tons of fun. The Dad is overseas in the army, so the Grandma is staying with them to help with the kids. She is from Chile and doesn't speak any English, so we had some fun translating sessions... We didn't tell them it was my birthday, but she had just happened to have cupcakes, so when I went to the bathroom, Sister Sorensen told her, and she got out a candle and they all sang to me in Spanglish. It was really fun. The funny part is, they live on Idaho street, so I got to go to Idaho for my birthday!

The weather has been amazing, but the humidity is starting to set in, and I see what uncle Alan meant by there only being two good weeks of weather normally... I may need you to send my extra watch link before my arms swell up to much!

St. Patrick's day was great too. Sister Gallup knew how much I like the holiday and I had mentioned how we turn everything green, so when we got to their house for dinner, everything was as green as she could make it! It was really fun. They also had a birthday cake for me!

I have to get some follow-up bloodwork in a couple of weeks until my levels are back to normal, but otherwise I'm doing good.

I love you all so much! I am so grateful to have you for my family. Thank you for your prayers and your love and support.

Love, Sister Hatch

Pictures: 1) the musical number crew from Zone Conference 2) the Daffodils are blooming everywhere!!!! 3) St. Patrick's day with the Gallups! 4) Forsythia! Thinking of you Momma :) 5) Dinner with the Browns

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